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Website Services

I also offer simple website creation (like this website), hosting and maintenance (including hosting of custom domains that you provide).

Get in touch for more information about my rates.

Custom Acrylic or Chipboard Puzzles

I can help you create an acrylic or chipboard puzzle. These are great gifts or display peices. The acrylic ones can be partially transparent. These will be laser cut, but can be full color. If you would like me to setup your image, and send you a puzzle please reach out to me for a quote, as well as information on turn around time.

Board Game Design

If you have a game idea, or are just looking to have a game made for you, a friend or family member. I can help. I can provide you with a consultation on how to do this yourself, or I can do it for you, including making the game mechanics, rules, art and graphic design. For more information please contact me.

Board Game Setup on The Game Crafter

If you need help prepping your files for print on The Game Crafter, and uploading your files, I can help. Please contact me for more information.


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If looking for a quote, please include as much detail about your game as possible.
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